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“History is ending because the dominator culture has led the human species into a blind alley, and as the inevitable catastrophe approaches, people look for metaphors and answers. Every time a culture gets into trouble it casts itself back into the past looking for the last sane moment it ever knew.”

Terence McKenna

Journalism and critical political commentary are essential to a free and just society. We firmly believe that such information should be openly available and easily accessible to all. That is why we do not waste precious time or space with advertisements.

Thankfully, this also means that there are no large investors or corporate interests, which allows this project to be entirely self-directed and operated.

The Political Historian has a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary History, a Master of Arts in General History, and experience as a social studies teacher and writing tutor. Their academic focus began with political science and public history, and morphed into a BS in History with a focus on philosophy and ancient governments. In graduate school these interests shifted to racial slavery, the development of capitalism, Marxism, the War on Drugs, and the intersectionalities of the Atlantic world.

The goal is to bring critical political commentary and in-depth articles to your news feed. Here you can find numerous articles relating to the contemporary politics and relevant history of the United States, along with other various topics.

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