Senator Bernie Sanders Tweeted his Plan to Legalize Cannabis at 4:20 PM last Thursday and the Internet Went Wild

The War on Drugs has been an immense failure to the American people. It has made the United States into the country with the largest population of incarcerated people on the planet. It has torn apart countless communities, particularly poor communities and communities of color. It has enriched those who have invested in the prison-industrial complex and pressured our politicians to continue pushing archaic policies in the face of contradictory scientific evidence.

Chicago is Moving Towards Being the Third Major City in the U.S. to Decriminalize Psychedelic Plants

Chicago, Illinois is following in the steps that Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California took earlier this year. Chicago is on its way to becoming the third major city in the United States to pass a resolution that decriminalizes the adult possession and use of entheogenic plants. Entheogenic is a term that refers to a class of psychoactive substances that have historically been used in cultural or spiritual practices and rituals. The term denotes that the ingestion of these substances often produces a spiritual experience and that these plants are sacred to many peoples and cultures across the planet. Entheogenic plants can and will also be referred to as psychoactive or psychedelic.

Oakland, California is the First City in the U.S. to Decriminalize All Natural Psychedelics

On June 4, dozens of supporters of the resolution came to the city council meeting and testified to the benefits of using entheogenic plants in order to treat their depression, addiction, PTSD, or other issues that continue to go unresolved with traditional treatment. Some psychiatrists were there to note that the resolution would allow them to use these plants in their practice, which has been and continues to be a growing and promising trend in the profession.