President Trump’s Speech in Kenosha, Wisconsin Today Characterized Allegations of Police Brutality and Systemic Racism as Part of the “Radical Left Ideology”

In his prepared statement President Trump characterized the allegations of police brutality and systemic racism as part of the “radical left ideology” that has contributed to the creation of what he called a “violent mob.” He further called the “anti-police” rhetoric “dangerous” but assured that the “bad apples” would be dealt with by the system.

Peaceful Protests are Being Sabotaged and Targeted by Violence from White Supremacists, Outside Agitators, and Anti-government Accelerationists

“The racial justice movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, is a particular target of these organizations. Obviously, if you’re a white supremacist you don’t care for racial justice and these are people who you want to stop from expressing their views and reforming American democracy in a positive direction. The government needs to be paying attention to this.”

-Dr. Heidi Beirich