The Trump Administration’s Accomplishments List in 2018 Was Already Weak, the Past Two Years Have Only Made it Weaker

Although the Trump administration and his supporters have tried to dismiss the economic crisis as collateral damage from the pandemic, he is undeniably partially responsible. The rhetoric of the right deflects away from such realities, even though Trump’s “strong economy” was and is part of the foundation of his presidential campaign and platform.

Joe Biden’s Speech at the Democratic Convention was Surprisingly Brilliant and Moving

“Joe Biden noted that while he is the Democratic candidate, he will be an American president. He appealed to the best of us and the things that we most have in common. Biden pointed to the election as a time of real peril that can open a realm of possibilities. He characterized the election as “life-changing” and claimed that the results would shape America for years to come. Biden passionately claimed that this election is about, ‘Who we are as a nation and most importantly, who we want to be.’ “

As the Trump Administration Dismantles the USPS, Early Voting is More Important than Ever

“Whether the goal is to suppress Democratic votes, delay the delivery and processing of ballots, merely to cast doubt on the integrity of our elections, or something else entirely, the effect remains the same. President Trump and his administration is actively trying to create a scenario that gives them some form of legitimacy to contest the results of the November election. Even writing that sentence feels wrong, as this is no longer simply political strategy, it is criminal conspiracy, and it has been for quite some time.”

President Trump Calls Mail-In Voting a ‘New Phenomena’

President Trump continued to defend his assertion that mail-in voting would lead to a rigged election, despite no evidence, and emphasized that, “this election will not be decided on the evening of November 3rd.” Again, this is common knowledge and entirely acceptable as we provide time for absentee ballots to arrive and be counted. This should not be an area of contention unless the purpose was to suppress voting across the board.

President Trump Continues to Rage Against “Rampant Voter Fraud” in Mail-In Voting Despite No Evidence; Suggests Moving Election

Oddly enough, the narrative coming from the Trump administration about voter fraud is not at all new. In late November of 2016 President Trump tweeted that he would have also won the popular vote, “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Even though he provided no evidence for that claim then, it became a cornerstone of the rhetoric of his administration.

Paying for Progressive Ideas in the United States

The authors of the study noted “that a single-payer, universal health-care system is likely to lead to a 13% savings in national health-care expenditure, equivalent to more than $450 billion annually.” It follows that if a Medicare for All single-payer system would lead to a 13% savings in expenditure, then funding such a program shouldn’t be a major concern. Rather than individuals paying into an insurance company or out of pocket at exorbitant rates, they would pay directly to the government via taxes to fund universal healthcare. Such a system eliminates massive CEO salaries and bonuses, puts an end to the price-gouging of the pharmaceutical industry, and ensures that no American goes without coverage or without care.

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