“Bernie’s Back” Rally in Queens, New York Attracts Crowd of Over 25,000 People

Senator Bernie Sanders had his first rally after his stent procedure last Saturday, October 19, 2019, in Queens, New York. The turnout was massive, as has been the case for the majority of his rallies so far. The speakers that took the stage before Senator Sanders included prominent activists, elected officials, and public servants. Based on the massive crowd turnout alone, it seems that the mainstream media’s under-representation of the support for Bernie Sanders is a hollow narrative.

Support for Sanders is Under-represented by the Mainstream Media

In an ideal world, determinations of political front-runners would be made based on an aggregate of these different metrics. If we relied solely on polling numbers to determine the front-runners of the Democratic Presidential Primary, it would seem that Warren comes out on top or perhaps Biden. However, that is exactly the narrative that they want you to buy into. It benefits them and their stock-holders if Sanders and his grassroots political revolution are constantly under-represented, invalidated, or discredited by the media. Keep in mind Biden was leading in many polls prior to the whistle-blower coming forward regarding Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and Trump’s subsequent backlash at Biden. Even still, these numbers fluctuate from poll to poll, state to state, and day to day.