Domestic Terrorist, 17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois, Arrested and Charged with Murder, but Key Questions Remain

Surely by now you have heard of the shootings that took place last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in which 17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois, shot multiple protesters, including a street medic, killing two individuals and critically wounding another before running to the safety of the police, who seemingly let him walk away and return to his home in Antioch, Illinois.

Facts About the Kyle Rittenhouse Shootings:

  • Kyle was a Blue Lives Matter supporter
  • He traveled about 30 minutes to Kenosha from his home in Antioch
  • Videos showed him accepting bottles of water and getting positive reinforcement by police officers earlier in the evening (while illegally armed with a weapon that he could neither own nor hold publicly; while also with a group of armed adults entering a boarded-up building past curfew in full view of police)
  • He shot an individual at a gas station, he immediately made a phone call, and ran away
  • Protesters chased after him
  • As protesters closed in, less than a block away from flashing police cars, the shooter turned around and fired at two different protesters, one of them a street medic
  • The shooter calmly walked away as he aimed his rifle at protesters again
  • The shooter walked towards police officers, sometimes raising his arms and sometimes resting his hand on the gun’s barrel
  • Witnesses and bystanders continue to inform police that he was the shooter who just shot the two people they were driving towards down the street
  • No response from police
  • Kenosha Police did not attempt to disarm, restrain, or question him
  • Kenosha Police told him to walk away from the Area

Domestic terrorist and Blue Lives Matter supporter, 17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse of Antioch, Illinois, was arrested near his home, about 20 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin, and charged with murder. Last night in Kenosha he shot and killed two protesters while injuring a third. However, there are some key questions that remain unanswered as this case is investigated.

Key Questions Remain:

  • Why was he or other armed “militia” (although we really should call it what it is: a gang) members never asked to stand down, go home, or even provide identification or their permit to carry their weapons?
  • Why did police not seem threatened by him at all, despite the fact that he was jogging towards them with his rifle, and despite the fact that witnesses were telling police that he just shot multiple people?
  • Why was he not arrested, or at the very least disarmed and detained, on the spot?
  • Why was he allowed to return to his home out of state in Antioch, Illinois before being arrested and charged with murder?
  • How did a 17 year-old teenager come to possess the gun he was armed with last night?
  • Who owns the gun that he was illegally brandishing and using last night?
  • How did he get to Kenosha?
  • How did he get home?
  • Did he coordinate with other people about going to Kenosha? If so, who, when, and why?
  • Who did Kyle Rittenhouse call immediately after he shot his first victim? There is video evidence of him taking out his phone to call someone while looking down at the person he just shot, and then quickly running away while still on that call.

These are only a few of the questions that are burning in my soul right now.

Ultimately, whoever gave him that gun, whoever owns that gun, and whoever transported him to or from Kenosha deserves to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder as well.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

Below are multiple videos of murderer and terrorist “Kyle Rittenhouse” from various social media.

Police Give Soon-to-be Murderer and Domestic Terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse Water and Thank This “Armed Militia” for Being Present Tonight
Video/Audio of Kyle Rittenhouse saying what sounds like, “I shot someone…” on the phone call he makes immediately after shooting his first victim
Kenosha shooter claims he was pepper-sprayed by a member of the crowd and that they are ready with lethal ammunition to defend the property of citizens
Protesters chase Kyle Rittenhouse, claiming he had already shot one person in the head at a gas station. He casually walks up to police, who did nothing.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

A compilation of videos of the Kenosha Shooter from last night. Trigger Warning: Contains Gunshots and close-ups of the victims.

If this doesn’t outrage you, then you are already lost and probably finding ways to justify these horrible actions.

We cannot sit idly by while these right-wing terrorists continue to roam our streets with impunity. If you weren’t sure if that sentence was referring to Kyle Rittenhouse or the police, that’s the point.

The Kenosha shooter was an American citizen.
He was not an immigrant.
He was not ISIS.
He was not a “radical, liberal, Marxist, Democrat.”
He was not ANTIFA.
He was a former police cadet.
He was a 17 year-old white male.
He was a right-wing extremist.
He was a murderer.
He was a terrorist.

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