Rep. Matt Gaetz is Blowing the Dog-Whistle to Vigilante Terrorists like the Kenosha Shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse

The reductionist rhetoric of American right-wing politics is nothing new. However, the levels that it has reached under Trumpism over the past four years is absolutely astounding, but entirely aligned with the history of the United States. With a past as intertwined with racism and white supremacy as ours, no one should be surprised that this is the state of our politics in 2020.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has been one of the president’s most vocal supporters in Congress and often gets directly to his point, even if it is thinly veiled in coded language. Just like how President Trump’s attacks against mail-in voting are based on false claims of rampant voter fraud. Lee Atwater would be so proud. Again, it should come as no surprise that Gaetz has echoed President Trump’s calls for “law and order” while simultaneously falsely characterizing the diverse protesters who are demanding equality and accountability as a “mob” hell-bent on the destruction of the very country they are trying to improve.

Rep. Matt Gaetz is Blowing the Dog-Whistle to Vigilante Terrorists like Kyle Rittenhouse
(Snipped image of original Tweet)

We wanted to include the official Tweet embed below alongside the snipped image of the original Tweet above just to prove its authenticity. However, we have to include both because Rep. Gaetz has a habit of Tweeting inappropriate things that are later deleted.

Since Rep. Gaetz is so worried about the mob that wants to destroy America, hopefully he will tweet about the white supremacists inciting violence at protests. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that he will raise awareness about the dangers of right-wing extremism and violence.

Rep. Matt Gaetz is Blowing the Dog-Whistle to Vigilante Terrorists like Kyle Rittenhouse
(Official Tweet Embed)

Here we see House of Representatives member Matt Gaetz seemingly approving of armed citizens “defending” America against what he and his party view as the “mob” coming to destroy this country. It is coded language, but the intent remains and the effect amplifies.

This is the type of language that emboldened the Kenosha shooting suspect, Kyle Rittenhouse.

It takes some nerve to use the rhetorical tactics of fascists to encourage American citizens to fight one another. But that’s the way it goes, whip your base into such a frenzy of fear that they openly embrace fascism in the name of patriotism. Somehow what seems so clear is often lost on these people when they are confronted with the facts. However, when a Navy veteran is assaulted by federal agents for absolutely no reason and the President of the United States calls it “fake news”, it is apparent that we are no longer in familiar territory.

This disgusting tweet by Rep. Matt Gaetz is the exact language that emboldens, encourages, and incites vigilante violence and domestic terrorism. He knows exactly what he is doing here, yet he will likely speak out against such heinous violence, but in name only. However, the blood remains on the hands of he and his colleagues as they continue to fan the flames of hate and division. Rep. Matt Gaetz should be expelled from Congress for gross misconduct and inciting violence.

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