Up is Down and More is Less when Trump Talked about the Coronavirus in Recent Interview

The Trump camp recently changed its messaging regarding the seriousness of the coronavirus threat and his stance on wearing masks. Although the president denied it, saying it is “too big a thing”, the worry is that he will get “bored” of talking about the virus, or the political winds will shift again and we will take steps backwards rather than forwards. As we get closer to the election in November, among the concerns about phantom voter fraud and a constitutional crisis to potentially delay the election entirely, the threat of coronavirus will increase, especially as more states experience varied spikes respective to their policies.

Peaceful Protests are Being Sabotaged and Targeted by Violence from White Supremacists, Outside Agitators, and Anti-government Accelerationists

“The racial justice movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, is a particular target of these organizations. Obviously, if you’re a white supremacist you don’t care for racial justice and these are people who you want to stop from expressing their views and reforming American democracy in a positive direction. The government needs to be paying attention to this.”

-Dr. Heidi Beirich

President Trump Continues to Rage Against “Rampant Voter Fraud” in Mail-In Voting Despite No Evidence; Suggests Moving Election

Oddly enough, the narrative coming from the Trump administration about voter fraud is not at all new. In late November of 2016 President Trump tweeted that he would have also won the popular vote, “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Even though he provided no evidence for that claim then, it became a cornerstone of the rhetoric of his administration.

Attorney General Barr was Questioned About the Assault on Navy Veteran Christopher David in Portland

Yesterday’s hearing on “Oversight of the Department of Justice” brought Attorney General William Barr before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions and provide insight on a number of events that he and the Department of Justice have been involved in.

The questions ranged widely throughout the hearing and varied greatly by party. The topics included the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing worldwide protests to support the Black Lives Matter movement, the Roger Stone case, the Michael Flynn case, the Mueller Report, Russian interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections, Jeffrey Epstein, the photo-op at St. Johns Church and the precursory clearing of protesters from Lafayette Park, and more.

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