Trump Talked About the Black Lives Matter Protests and the Legacy of John Lewis

Yet again, we see simplicity and ignorance on display in the highest elected office in the United States of America. The president has made it undeniably clear time and time again that his views of people are solely based on what they have done for him, can do for him, or have said about him. Everything in his world revolves around him, and if that isn’t a dangerous characteristic to have as president then what is?

Trump Calls Video of Federal Officers Beating Navy Veteran ‘Fake News’ and Defends the Use of Nameless Agents

President Trump continued to praise the federal agents in Portland as very strong and highly trained, even though a DHS memo revealed that these officers were not properly trained to handle mass demonstrations. The president and his administration has consistently characterized Antifa and protesters as “anarchists and agitators” that are causing all of the violence in protests around the country, despite recent studies that show that right-wing extremism has been much more deadly and prevalent over the past two decades.

Attorney General Barr was Questioned About the Assault on Navy Veteran Christopher David in Portland

Yesterday’s hearing on “Oversight of the Department of Justice” brought Attorney General William Barr before the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions and provide insight on a number of events that he and the Department of Justice have been involved in.

The questions ranged widely throughout the hearing and varied greatly by party. The topics included the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing worldwide protests to support the Black Lives Matter movement, the Roger Stone case, the Michael Flynn case, the Mueller Report, Russian interference in the 2016 and 2020 elections, Jeffrey Epstein, the photo-op at St. Johns Church and the precursory clearing of protesters from Lafayette Park, and more.